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Are you storm season ready?

The unpredictable nature of natural disasters poses threat to our homes and communities so having a plan could be the difference between staying safe or putting your family at risk. 
Know the disaster risks in your local area, prepare your household and check on your neighbours.
The best time to get your home storm ready is now. Focusing on securing and protecting your property can improve the safety of your home during storms, floods, cyclones and bushfires. 
Identifying potential risks makes the preparation a lot easier. 
- Check your roof regularly
- Keep gutters and downpipes clear so water drains easily 
- Trim trees and overhanging branches
- Ensure your home, contents and car insurances are current. Check what your policy covers. 
- Know where and how to turn off the main supply for water, power and gas
When warnings are issued:
- Disconnect electrical appliances and turn off electricity and gas main supplies if instructed to do so 
- Secure outdoor furniture/items
- Try fill the bath with clean water in case of interruptions to water supply 
- Move items to higher grounds if flood warning is issued
Emergency Services use a range of methods to warn the community about severe weather that require action at a household level. Always tune in and act immediately.

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